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Things are changing – part 2

To continue the weaving story. The first thing that had to be done was to build my BabyWolf! Thanks to my good friend Linda de Ruiter we did it in an afternoon ( that is if you count 8 in the evening afternoon!




Here it is in all it’s glory. 







I just love it so had to make it a cover for those odd times when not in use. 


It folds up very easily and is then able to be wheeled about.






Now to start weaving. I download a really good video course from Craftsy. A great site for tutorial videos. I used ‘Floor Loom Weaving’ by Janet Dawson. I chose this video as Janet was using a Baby Wolf loom throughout the course. I followed al her instructions, learned an enormous amount and ended up with three cushions.








I also got some great videos from Interweave which helped me understand and try other techniques.

Block weaves with Madelyn van der Hoogt.          

Double Weave Basics with Jennifer Moore


I have also tried out other techniques.


Overshot.                         Lace 









Log cabin                                                                A try at a bit of Ikat








I also attended a super weekend workshop with Janet Phillips  who showed us how to do pleats. Where will this all end?

Enough for now – more later.

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