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More About Dyeing

My philosophy is always: "Why get complicated?"

So in "Dyeing In Plastic Bags", I've kept my methods and explanations
simple and straightforward, using readily available equipment and materials.

To my surprise and delight
Many of you seem to agree with me.

I published my book in May 2001 and by Christmas that year I'd sold 3,000 copies.

Simple, easy to follow
instructions: Making the dye
bath in a plastic bag.


International Quilting Times Magazine

"Recipes for creating colours,
keeping records for future reference,
methods for making patterns on fabric,
are included with a wealth of other useful information."

Some sample swatches.

Popular Patchwork Magazine
"This is truly a foolproof method of dyeing
and this fool cannot wait to have a go."

Fabrications Magazine
"The chapter devoted to Dyeing With Children
was extremely good."

Pushing down the fabric.