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January 2012

I am ashamed to admit that I failed to keep my blogs going last year.

But guess what? I am going to give it another shot this year. My feeling is that the time to worry is when you give up firstly, making New Year Resolutions and secondly, truly believe you are going to keep them. For years I really thought I would keep my desk tidy – never did and I’ve nearly given up on that one.

Anyway back to more important things – what did I do in 2011.

One of the most important things was that I got my cataract fixed. A couple of hair-raising days when they removed the old lens and then couldn’t get the new one in! I was sent home feeling very sorry for myself but two days later they managed it and all was well – phew! What a difference, Colours looked much brighter – I even thought my husband had cleaned the windows.

In June I opened my garden as part of the Secret Gardens of Grayshott weekend. We decided to have a quilt show as well which was great accept for the rain – Sunday was a complete wash out. We all huddled in the studio and spent the day drinking tea and eating cakes – such fun!!!


I knitted a hanging basket for the occasion. This was one of those projects that I did wonder why I had ever started – but in the end I was delighted – and it doesn’t need watering.

Michael and I went to Australia in September and I was delighted to find that my grandaughter, aged 8,  is  fanatical about knitting and sewing – wonder where she gets that from.

I am still spinning and have now acquired a loom – watch this space!

’til the next time Helen


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