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Here we go again!

Eight years have, somehow, have passed since my last post! Time seems to go by so quickly.

Anyway – what have I been doing? In a word WEAVING! My joy for this craft have not waned, I love it! About 3 years ago I joined an on line course. Jane Stafford Textiles, brilliant course and I have learned so much as well as being inspired to try new things and developing my design skills. I started using just plain weave. This gave me the chance to explore different colour combinations. Something I have always loved doing.

Tea towel woven in 8/2 organic cotton.

Now to get up to date. These are my latest pieces. This was a name drafting exercise. You take the letters of a name or phrase and assign each letter to a shaft on the loom. By repeating and/or mirroring the sequence a pattern will emerge. Fun stuff!

I chose the letters of CHAMPS ELYSEES. This was a song written by my husband over 50 Years ago and became a huge hit in France and,for some reason, Japan.

I have also started, once again, to teach. I do so love sharing my joy of the things I am doing. Eight years ago, however, it all became too much and I stopped giving all talks and workshops. This meant I had more time in my studio to develop ideas and just enjoy doing! Now I am ready to get out there once again.

One of the first workshops was with the Dorking Creative Textiles and Stitch Group. A band of very talented ladies all keen to have a go at something new. What more could you ask for as a tutor. We had a great day first doing some Japanese braiding using Kumihimo discs and plates. I then introduced them to Backstrap weaving, a really fun way to produce woven bands with very little equipment.

A very productive and enjoyable day was had by all.

Brilliant day, excellent tuition, explicit worksheets and all materials provided – thank-you Helen”

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