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Dyeing in Plastic Bags


Just what it says on the cover

No mess. No fuss. Just great colours! And you really do use plastic bags.

I started dyeing in plastic bags in the late 80’s after being continually disappointed with my results using other methods.

My aim
was clear, strong, dark colours. This necessitated individual dye baths for each small piece of fabric. But, the thought of hundreds of bowls and buckets filled me with horror.

My solution
was “dyeing in plastic bags” and I’ve been at it ever since.

In 1990, I produced my first simple booklet. The title – “How To Dye In A Plastic Bag” raised a few chuckles over the years. Eventually, with a big push from my daughter, I decided to bring all of my research and techniques together into a book, complete with some projects and storage ideas. The result is… “Dyeing In Plastic Bags”.

A couple of sample pages taken from different places in the book to wet your appetite 



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