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A new and exciting book from Helen Deighan and Linda de Ruiter…
‘Dye One, Knit One’

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Helen and Linda’s new book shows you how to dye your own yarn and gives plenty of ideas with patterns for innovative things to make. Including a knitted clock – yes really! Easy to follow instructions teach you step-by-step. Beautifully illustrated

Price: £10.00

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Magic Dyeing Made Easy

More magical ideas in dyeing – and still ‘no mess and no fuss’
Magic Dyeing Made Easy explores new and exciting techniques using Procion dyes…

  • In a bag.
  • In a tray.
  • In the microwave!


  • Recipes for muted shades.
  • Silk dyeing using Procion MX dyes.
  • How to dye larger pieces.

Price: £5.00

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Textile Coil Pots and Baskets

Something new, something different, something beautiful.
Making coil pots from fabric is catching on in a big way because they’re fun, easy to make and just wonderful to behold.

Easy to follow instructions
teach you step-by-step how to make different types of pots, bowls and baskets.

Beautifully illustrated
with colour photographs and drawings.

Price: £10.00

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Dyeing in Plastic Bags

Just what it says on the cover
No mess. No fuss. Just great colours! And you really do use plastic bags.

I started dyeing in plastic bags in the late 80’s after being continually disappointed with my results using other methods.

My aim
was clear, strong, dark colours. This necessitated individual dye baths for each small piece of fabric. But, the thought of hundreds of bowls and buckets filled me with horror.

My solution
was “dyeing in plastic bags” and I’ve been at it ever since.

Price: £5.00

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Coil Pot Cording

Available in Regular/firm Texture version perfect for making textile coil pots:

  • Thin enough to fit under the foot of the machine
  • Rigid enough so that your pots will be well-formed and robust.

Also available in
Soft Texture version.
Perfect for making hats or baskets.

Please note,if you are using wool tops instead of fabric then the regular texture is better whatever you are making

Each pack contains 30 metres of cording – enough to make a pot which is 10 inches in diameter and 6-7 inches high, a hat or a small basket.

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Price: £3.00

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EZ Bobs

Do you get in a tangle when braiding long threads? The answer is EZ Bob.Open them up, wind on the thread, close them and the thread is then secured.

All you have to do is pull on the end for more thread!

NOW in two sizes
Small (original) size  4.6 cms diameter
10 in a pack  – £5 per pack
Medium size            6.3 cms diameter
8 in a pack – £5 per pack


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Price: £5.00

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Hamanaka Braiding Disk

I came across these super little braiding disks in Australia a couple of years ago.Made from supple, compressed polystyrene, this simple disk is an excellent aid for braid making. And, you can use them anywhere – even on airplanes!


Slots on the disk hold the threads firmly, so there’s no need for weights.


Price: £7.50

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Hamanaka Braiding Plate

Perfect for making flat braids for:


  • Bracelets
  • Chokers
  • Christmas decorations
  • And of course – Scoubies!

Works on the same principle as the popular round braiding disk.

Price: £7.50

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