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To go along with the books I do sell some items to help you get started on dyeing, making some pots or having a go at braiding.Postage and packing £3.50 for all UK orders
Please contact for overseas postage costs

Coil Pot Cording

Available in Regular/firm Texture version perfect for making textile coil pots:

  • Thin enough to fit under the foot of the machine
  • Rigid enough so that your pots will be well-formed and robust.

Also available in
Soft Texture version.
Perfect for making hats or baskets.

Please note,if you are using wool tops instead of fabric then the regular texture is better whatever you are making

Each pack contains 30 metres of cording – enough to make a pot which is 10 inches in diameter and 6-7 inches high, a hat or a small basket.

Price and Ordering

Regular/firm Coil Pot Cording

Per 30 metre pack      £3.00

Soft Texture Coil Pot Cording

Per 30 metre pack        £3.00

Go to: How To Order

EZ Bobs – Two Different sizes

Do you get in a tangle when braiding long threads? The answer is EZ Bob.Open them up, wind on the thread, close them and the thread is then secured.All you have to do is pull on the end for more thread!

Medium size            6.3 cms diameter
8 in a pack – £5 per packGo to: How To Order



Currently unavailable



Hamanaka Kumihino Braid Making Disk

I came across these super little braiding disks in Australia a couple of years ago.Made from supple, compressed polystyrene, this simple disk is an excellent aid for braid making. And, you can use them anywhere – even on airplanes!Slots on the disk hold the threads firmly, so there’s no need for weights.

Price and Ordering

Per Disk                   £7.50

Go to: How To Order

Hamanaka Kumihino Flat Braiding Plate

Perfect for making flat braids for:

  • Bracelets
  • Chokers
  • Christmas decorations
  • And of course – Scoubies!

Works on the same principle as the popular round braiding disk.


Price and Ordering

Per Plate                 £7.50

Go to: How To Order